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Favorite Amusement Parks of Derrick Pedranti

Throughout my life especially during my youth I have always enjoyed amusement parks. Now more than ever I can appreciate the “escape” they provide from the daily hustles of life. Derrick Pedranti shares his thoughts regarding his favorite amusement parks.

When I walk into Disneyland I know that I’m leaving behind the computer and any business-related worries. You’re entering a fantasy world where the goal is to imagine, play and have fun. Disneyland does an especially good job at it. They offer some great rides and a fantasy-like atmosphere with the most lovable characters.

And the magic really comes alive when you go with your children. They can definitely up the excitement. It’s fun to discover with them the different rides and attractions.

I must say the only downside, aside from the cost, is when these parks become too crowded. Naturally you can expect some crowds and it’s fun to be around others but there are days when there are so many people there that it’s hard to walk. Check out the Disneyland page for some tips for how to handle this.

My favorite amusement parks are Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm. Please check out this website for my thoughts on each.


Derrick Pedranti