Perspective On Magic Mountain

By Derrick Pedranti

Derrick Pedranti and Amusement Parks - Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain in Southern California is perhaps the best place to go for roller coaster thrill rides. It is one of Derrick Pedranti’s favorite amusement parks. I can remember as a kid going there and being afraid of riding the Colossus roller coaster ride. The ride up to the first drop is slow an bumpy. This first drop is 115 feet and to a little guy, it seems like a fall from the clouds above!

Then there is The Revolution which is the first ride I did that had a loop. In the line I clearly remember the “chicken exits” as they were so clearly labeled. Chicken exits allow you to “opt out” at a certain place in these lines. As a little boy I can recall seriously considering these easy escapes. But like most challenges, once you conquer it, it’s a thrill you will want to conquer again and again. To this day The Revolution remains one of my most favorite rides ever.

Since then Magic Mountain has added a lot of other great rides including SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton, BATMAN The Ride and GREEN LANTERN: First Flight.

Thrill seekers please consider Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, for an exciting rides and entertainment. It’s a fun experience you can share with the whole family.

Thank you,

Derrick Pedranti